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Moving to a new home can be awesome especially when you are at the stage of filling it with furniture and decor. What do you buy first? Do you buy the first item that catches your attention because it is fashionable and trendy? Or do you buy something more practical and basic first?

Furnishing your home is a matter of budgeting and prioritizing what you need. If you’re currently in the situation of furnishing your first home, here is the list of five pieces that you need to prioritize.

  1. Bed and Mattress

Invest in a sturdy bed that can last for a long time. Your bed should be on the top of the list as this is where you can relax after a very long tiring day of moving into your new place.  Check your space to see what size of bed you need. If you are sharing with your spouse you might prefer a queen size but if you are also working on a room for your kids you might also consider getting a bunk bed or a single bed with a pullout trundle to save on space.

Of course, after that, you need to choose the right mattress as well. We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, so making sure the mattress is comfortable for you is a must! Before buying, you can try the mattress first at the store for at least 15 minutes to see if you like the comfort level.

  1. Sofa

A good quality sofa with a sturdy base can last for a long time. Before buying be sure to check what kind of fabric, foam and frame it has. When you choose your sofa to opt for a piece that reflects your lifestyle. Always check your space to see what kind of sofa can maximize seating in your living room. A Sofa Bed is a good alternative if you are living in a studio unit in case your friends plan for a sleep-over.

  1. Dining Table

Multi-purpose pieces will be the best option to maximize the area. Save on space by choosing a dining table that can be used both for eating and working. Having folding tables on hand are also a good option to add more dining space when you have guests over.

  1. Lighting

Invest in a good lighting fixture as this will make your space look and feel comfortable. It adds to a good ambiance for your space. A brighter space will also make your home feel bigger and livelier. Purchase good quality bulbs to lessen the hassle of having to change them often.

  1. Built-in Storage

Storage space is always one of the important things you need to think about for your new home. Get furniture pieces that give you additional storage spaces. There are items that can also be an accent piece for your home like the ottomans that also has storage. Furniture that has built-in storage is also highly suggested like beds with built-in drawers.

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